18 May 2010

Pulling Up Stakes and Heading...East?

I want this blog to remain largely focused on queer writers, their work and the writing life.  I also have not wanted to post my own poems or go on about my personal life.  I find my day to day life tedious at best.  I don't think any other person would seek out this blog just to read about me feeding the cat or how many times a week I pick up socks off the bedroom floor.

That said, there has been a lot of changes taking place this spring.  In just a few months I will be moving to the state of Idaho.  I am going to attend the University of Idaho in Moscow and attempt to earn an MFA in poetry.

For a number of reasons, I won't go into great detail here about moving or the nitty-gritty of how to I am getting from Bellingham to Moscow (which locals swear rhymes with Costco).  If I thought I was in the boonies now, I better hang onto my hat, because the closest gay bar is now ninety miles away.  I will continue to blog about the usual topics, but if you catch me typing about poetry workshops and writing classes, you will now know that I am talking about graduate school.


  1. Huzzah! Have fun in Idaho! Sorry to hear about the far-away gay bar, though.

  2. Hmm.. 90 miles away in Sioux City? Idaho Falls? When are you going to join the rest of civilization?

  3. The nearest gay bar is in Couer de'Alene.

  4. But you don't go to gay bars now...



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