02 January 2011

New Year means New Poetry in New Journals!

I'm happy to announce that four of my poems in the "Carbonite Dream Series" are now in Issue #3 of Ghost Ocean Magazine

Read the whole issue for free online at: http://www.ghostoceanmagazine.com/

Click on "Current Issue" and then you will see my name under poetry. 

I am doubly pleased to see that Kathleen Rooney, one of the co-founders of Rose Metal Press also has some work in this issue.  I first spoke to Kathleen when Rose Metal Press published Carol Guess's book Tinderbox Lawn back in 2008.  As a writer, it is nice to see your own work next to those other writers that you admire.

Take a moment and stop by to read the poems.  They are inspired by my love of noir, dream sequences and that every murky form the prose poem.



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