30 September 2012

Niche Magazine Interview

If you haven't read Niche Magazine yet, please do yourself a favor and check it out.  Its first two issues are online and free.  Best of all, the magazine is GORGEOUS!

Niche Magazine also features a monthly MFA program spotlight.  For the month of October (my favorite month!) they are featuring the University of Idaho's MFA program.  Thank you to the editor Katya Cummins for interviewing me and also poet Nayelly Barrios for thinking of me.

You can check out the interview HERE.

Oh, Slow Depth, my chapbook gets a little love as well.

10 September 2012

When Words Aren't Enough: Poems Becoming Art

My former coworker and all-around talented lady Christina Claassen was busy preparing works for the employee art show at Village Books in Bellingham, WA.  She had asked me last spring if she could use some of my prose poems as a jumping off point.  I told her to run with it.

On my last day in Bellingham for the summer, I sneaked up to the Book Fare Cafe located inside Village Books and took a gander at what she had done to my poems.  The results were thrilling.  For those of you who don't know, I started college by declaring a major in studio painting.  Things didn't work out for that degree, but I have always had a deep respect for the visual arts.

One of the poems "Sending You a Letter I Wrote While Drinking" appeared in Issue 3 of Ghost Ocean Magazine.  You can find it here.  Here is the first piece of artwork from the series.

The other "Carbonite Dream #1" appeared in the first issue of Psychic Meatloaf: Poetry Journal.  You can read that poem here.  Here is the second piece of art that Christina Classen put together.  I have dibs on this one!

She said that she has plans to complete four more pieces of art for the other four poems in the series.  I am excited to see them all lined up one day.  To see more of what Christina is up to, you can visit her blog Musings of a Crafter.  She makes beautiful things in all the areas of her life.


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