19 September 2013

The Los Angeles Review of Books Tackles Poetry in a Post-AIDS Crisis World

The Los Angeles Review of Books, often features strong writers who find compelling topics to write on.  This morning's article about reclaiming poetry from the AIDS crisis has a lot of meat and almost no gristle. 

I think this article is a great way to begin a larger conversation about AIDS in general.  Is the AIDS crisis over?  If so, for who?  The latest statistics from the CDC say that after a decade of lowering numbers HIV infection is on the rise again.  Is there another AIDS crisis headed our way? 

18 September 2013

Literary Gossip: Walt Whitman Does Kiss and Tell

So Laura Chandra, a Fellow from this year's Lambda Literary Writer's Retreat posted this link on her Twitter Feed yesterday.  It was one part gossip column and three parts historical fact. The article discusses an American visit between Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman.

Apparently, they were on "Thee" and "Thou" terms.

READ THE ARTICLE and see what Walt Whitman had to say to a reporter the morning after!

Thanks again Laura for bringing this to my attention and to Mallory Ortberg  over at The Toast for putting it together.

13 September 2013

Some Attendees Experiences at Lambda Literary's Writers Retreat

So this photo of deeply troubled folks are some of the poets from the Lambda Literary Foundation's Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices.

I was fortunate to attend this July and it did a great deal for both my writing and my spirits in the post-MFA world that I found the rest of you have all been living in.  I had no idea the rest of the world wasn't so writerly!

PLEASE READ what I and other fellows had to say about our week in Los Angeles working with a great faculty of LGBTQ authors.

11 September 2013

Sometimes, Not Often, My Worlds Meet on the Page

It often feels as thought gay men who live outside the urban (even costal urban) experience don't exist in terms of news, culture, and writing.

I grew up in a town of less than 3,000 people, before the rise of the internet.  There were no visible LGBTQ folks in either my life or my community.  Hearing voices from these communities remind all of us of the work that still must be done.

Sometimes, all my worlds collide on the page.  Check out this article over at The Advocate by a gay man living in Missoula, Montana.  READ IT HERE

08 September 2013

Check out a new LGBTQ Microblog by the Gay and Lesbian Review

The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide has a new microblog.  It's filled with a good many things for LGBTQ readers and Writers.

Check it out HERE

Consider subscribing the the actual magazine over HERE

06 September 2013

Lightning Strikes Several Times

This week marks the second time that my work has appeared in The Adirondack Review.  I am deeply honored to have my poems see the light of day in this journal.  The poem "Orizaba" is featured in the fall issue HERE.

If you want to read my poem "The nights are long here. Nowhere, a torch." from an earlier issue, you can check it out HERE.

Also this summer, The Collagist (which is one of my favorite online journals btw) featured my poem "Chapel" in issue 48.  You can read that one HERE

Please stop by and check out my work.  Also please continue to read these amazing journals.  Tell your friends about them.  Send them your best work!

I also had a nice surprise this morning when Eduardo C. Corral kindly pointed out to me (on Twitter) that Poets House was tweeting a line from my chapbook SLOW DEPTH.

Thanks for checking back in.  Keep writing and keep in touch!


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